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    Hitspark Interactive is the new home of Online Game Creation. OGC has been shutdown. Our efforts have been streamlined to be more focused on publishing and helping indies get their foot into the door, providing resources and tools for online games. Although, this can expand to other genres in the future. In the past, the idea was to make a community to rival that of other online game development communities, but I never wanted to do that personally myself. These type of niche communities are rather small and not that big anymore.

    What hopes are there for a bright future here? Our efforts are to attract indie talents who are passionate about making games as much as we are. You can make your own game or help us make something together. Both of these are highly supported, we are not anti-competition. We want to create a family and environment that is about making great games. Not who makes the best game, or the whole don't steal my idea like many developers act like. This type of thinking creates an environment that is highly toxic and not pleasant to be around.

    Hope to see and hear from you all soon! This community will continue to grow and get better as time moves forward. Expect many great changes to come very soon! :)

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Lead programmer and developer at Hitspark Interactive. I am a hardcore gamer that wants to bring back the old classics in a modern perspective.


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