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    It is decided, we're going to resume development of the game Silverdale Online HD, this game was abandoned in early 2013. I later joined the team Nin Online, and now as this game is reaching the end of Alpha into Beta; the focus is more on the actual content rather than the game engine. This means I am going to work on a new game engine that both Nin Online and Silverdale Online can use to further expand our market share and players. The game engine will run on every single platform possible including consoles, mobile and the web. It will be one of the few indie games that can literally be played everywhere and for free. We will use a monetization model which works similarly to Nin Online, although we're going to have it all done in the actual game client and server vs. a web store. This may change Nin Online's monetization model later down the road to use the client more as well.

    So what should you expect from the new game other than running on all devices? Zelda inspired combat, Runescape inspired skilling system and an innovative World Map system that utilizes a replayable game world - that has a very concentrated community that makes the world feel like home. We also will have paperdoll system and many more ways to customize your character - such as races, hairstyles, and much more. There's obviously a lot more than this, but this is the essential systems that we're focusing on. We will have many more features but focus on features that improve the game world and experience vs. add more bloat and fluff that devalues it.

    This project is aimed to be my biggest project yet, as well as the people involved in creating it. We will bring more abut this project in the coming weeks to months.

    Other News
    In other news, we will be releasing our new game engine open-source including the game updater. These sources will be available to help strengthen the indie game development scene and to get contributors to improve our software. Details about that will be released later, in the coming months. As a disclaimer, we do not have plans to make our community game development oriented though and we said in a previous announcement, we just want to attract talented indies to help us make games and to share our knowledge with the world. We also have plans to expand our services to be a publisher, similar to Nintendo was in the early days of videogames with strict rules and guidelines that have to be followed to be accepted. This means we will offer a way for good games to be filtered through the bad ones and provide services to make them do better than a typical publisher. Details about this will be released in the future, not anytime soon.
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    great news :ninja:
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    As a small notice, Supporters will get Early Access to the game to help test and report bugs. This is coming in the next couple of weeks to months.
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    Sweet! I can't wait to see what's up
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    I'm waiting to a new silverdale for make movies on this. :)

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