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    I know it has been awhile since an update has been posted. I've been sick for awhile now. I also have been spending most of my time sleeping due to recovering from a mental illness I was diagnosed with. Although, this mental illness I have is manageable and won't affect my performance on the computer.

    Silverdale is being made into a RPG, it will have skills and such with possible multiplayer as a future update when the game is released. It won't be a MMO.

    It will resemble Zelda and Diablo. Diablo for a big dungeon you reach the bottom floor to kill the boss, except Silverdale is a place where souls are created. Souls are supposed to climb to the top of Sanctuary, which is a place inside Silverdale. Puzzles inspired by Zelda, as well as tools you gain as you progress through the tower. It will use ideas from Silverdale, Legends of Arteix and much more.

    In other news, Arcane Engine is being shelved for now until I get SIlverdale RPG completed. My next big plan is to make my own game engine, to use for future projects that have multiplayer. We've made some progress with switching to DarkUI and upgrading to MonoGame. We will start pushing more changes when more people are involved in the project. I have a lot of great ideas to make it a competitor to RPG Maker and Game Maker.

    Preview will come soon.
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