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    The original game has been reopened!

    What changes have been made from the old version?
    • Uses Xenforo rather than MyBB for online account.
    • Fixed a bug with login that would stop menu music. Also, changed the links on the menu buttons to go to my site rather than Skideria.
    • Changed menu music and a few tracks from the maps to the older music found in the much older Silverdale before Justin took over as owner.
    • Faster leveling with a default of 5x experience boost that will be kept on forever.
    • 2.5x more Gold from mobs.
    • New installer with built-in runtimes installer post-install.

    There's no updates for this game beyond what I changed for the reopening, it is merely a release for old fans who want to play the game. I will be porting it to a new engine with new music, content and assets probably sometime in the distant future. The game is completely free to play with no cash to experience it completely. All you have to do is register on my site.

    Justin has given me the game to take control of and do with as I please. I plan to make it better than it was designed to be, since I love the idea of Silverdale and never wanted to quit making the HD version.

    Try to enable DirectPlay in your Windows Features if you get lag.

    You can play the game by going here.
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    Love it xD

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