Patch Notes 1.9.1

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    New area to explore!


    Talon Plains
    The mining spots have been balanced to match the other Iron Ores this includes the places inside the cave.

    Goddess Token Shop
    Renamed from Cash Shop - the trader now has a gossip message.

    The bonus experience was removed sometime after the introduction of Patch 1.9.0. This was due to overpowered party incentives that didn't really need to be added especially since team quests were added.

    The rate of experience has been changed from 5x to 3x. The gold rate has been reduced from 2.5x to normal.

    All quests have been reworked. They take 25 items or kills per turn-in and give experience calculated by the level of the mob you are killing or the item you are retrieving. This value is then calculated by the amount of items or kills that you do.
    • 50% experience per level for kills.
    • 100% experience per level for items.

    They also now take the full amount that the quest says in the description.

    Accounts are now saved every 60 seconds rather than every 5 minutes.

    Remember you can help the game out and grow, just by spreading the word or buying Supporter. Once you buy it, you will be granted in-game currency items immediately upon logging in.

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