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    Derek the Wizard
    A friendly wanderer.


    Weird Ranger
    A weird man who gives the Kill Snakes quest...


    Disturbed Royal
    A strange man who is petrified of Gargoyles. He gives the Kill Gargoyles quest.


    If a NPC has no conversation text then they won't display a conversation window. There were problems with targeting a mob (enemy) that would open a conversation window.

    Fixed an issue with an earlier hotfix patch that made players unable to login due to corrupt characters that didn't exist in their account. If your character won't login, you will have to erase it. Read the bottom disclaimer for more information. Also, if you get at connected just press escape and try again.

    There was also an exploit where a user could register two accounts using the same account, if they used their username and email for login. Both would create a different account when used, we now force them to use the same account file.

    Average Level
    Adjusted the rate for Average Level experience deduction.
    • 100% - 0 to 4.
    • 90% - 5.
    • 80% - 6.
    • 60% - 7.
    • 40% - 8.
    • 20% - 9.
    • 10% - 10+.

    It used to be.
    • 100% - 0 to 3.
    • 90% - 4 to 5.
    • 80% - 6.
    • 60% - 7.
    • 40% - 8.
    • 20% - 9.
    • 5% - 10+.

    Average Level means that if you kill a mob a lower level than you, it will be worth less experience. While in a Party, this level is determined by the level of each party member then dividing the total amount by the total members of the party. Otherwise, the level is determined solely by the level that you currently have.

    Bonus experience in party has been removed. I also fixed a bug that made the 5x experience rate not apply while in a party.

    Quest progress is now shared while in a party, so if a party members kills a mob you get the progress update if you have the quest.

    Increased the max amount of parties on the server to 25 up from 10.


    Music has been added to this region.

    We're looking to expand the crafting in the game and adding more regions above level 30. This is the first new place to level since the reopening. It has the same mobs, but we will soon add more inside the cave which is currently under development.


    Lupin City updated several map names.

    Batkeeper's Nest
    has been renamed and now is a red area.

    Crystalwood Forest has had music added.

    Grymia Wasteland has had music added.

    Grimrock Hills music has been swapped with the music designed for Grymia Wasteland.

    Liberton City has had music added.

    Forgotten Chamber has been changed to a red area.

    Caves of Kor Garth has had music added. Some maps have been renamed in the region.

    Molten Lady's Lair has been changed to a red area and music has been added.

    Quest Rewards
    We've made quest experience scale with mob experience, this means the 5x experience rate we're doing will apply to quest rewards. It also scales with Gold which is 2.5x.

    New Quests

    Kill Bees

    Kill Snakes

    Kill Gargoyles

    Iron Ignots

    Silver Ignots

    Bonaic Ignots

    Mythril Ignots

    We've made many changes to other quest names and balancing. Check the region where these mobs are to find the quest givers. Also, most quests are now repeatable and the ones that aren't are being reworked slowly. Quests are designed to work like dailies, except they are in the specific region you are wanting to level at.

    Cash Shop
    Sprite Change Potion.
    Respec Potion.

    Both have unlimited uses. These items are not droppable and are character bound. Make sure to log-in to the character you want to have these items once you make the purchase.

    Buy Supporter today to get access, the Cash Shop is a one time payment and enables you to buy everything from it.

    • You get 200 Goddess Tokens. The shop right now only has two items which equal 200 Goddess Tokens. If you ever need more, you can buy them when we add more items. These currency items will cost 100 per 10 dollars. This user group comes with way more perks, so you are getting way more value than if you bought the tokens by themselves. If you need to buy them for an additional character, I can give you the items just send me a private message - it will only cost $10 per character to duplicate these items even when we add more (you can duplicate all your Cash Shop purchases this way).




    Show your support and let us know you want us to develop it further and faster.

    If your characters were corrupt in the last fix, just erase and remake them. We apologize for any data you may have lost, we are now backing up characters after each save to ensure no data loss occurs. If you lose data from this point onward, just contact us about it.

    Best Wishes,

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