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Discussion in 'ANNOUNCEMENTS' started by Seth, Oct 1, 2016.

  1. Seth

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    We now have a dedicated team working on Silverdale Online, we're going to be focusing our efforts completely on this game and Nin Online, I am a part of both teams; although, I will program for both games. Silverdale Online Classic is going to receive some updates here shortly, but our main focus is on the remake called Silverdale Online 2.0 essentially. It is trying to revive old retro ORPGs from the early 2000s, although we're aiming to make it work on mobile devices. The engine we use will most likely be used for this and Nin Onlnie.

    There's a dedicated mapper, programmer, and administrator lead who will contribute to many aspects of the project. You will hear more about them later. :)
  2. Tushy

    Tushy New Member

    Its really great, i can't wait for new content.. :p
  3. ace7580

    ace7580 New Member

    great news o_O
  4. Seth

    Seth Owner Administrator

    We're going to be working on a new port of Silverdale Online Classic to a new game engine, and eventually we may make a more modern version using a better game engine with new features and action combat. Although, for now we will just focus on making Silverdale Online Classic better and build a community around that. :)
  5. ace7580

    ace7580 New Member

    always wondered what silverdale would play like if it had ninonline combat or better.
  6. Seth

    Seth Owner Administrator

    We're going to probably do that in the future. For now, we will see if enough people want this style of game with a more modern engine. Although, I am still evaluating what direction to go with the project and the new team is working on some prototypes.

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