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    Our website host and servers for Silverdale and Legends of Arteix have changed. Please update your IP in the configuration to If you do not know how to do this, we will be updating the game installers relatively soon. We're going to include an updater in Silverdale Online Classic and provide updates to it, as we prepare development on Silverdale Online, which is the successor to Silverdale Online Classic.

    The direction of our community is changing once again, we're going to be moving away from game development entirely. We feel the direction of this market is not right for us, so what we're going to focus on is providing services and games to our community.
    This means Eclipse Worlds is not receiving anymore updates. We may eventually completely remove all resources in the Resource section that are Game Development related, but at the moment they will stay put. As a side note, we are planning to hire people as volunteers to create projects like Silverdale Online. As an entry point into making games, since we have a range of experience and can offer some value to our community other than entertainment.

    Our slogan is Spark the Imagination, but what we care most about is providing high quality games and software, which teach people more about the world and how to be more in tune with our imagination.

    SSL problems are known which direct you to the wrong site, for those who don't find the site this will be fixed soon.

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