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    Inspire Game Engine was designed in early 2012, to be the successor to Mirage Source. Mirage Source was created in the early 2000s and has been updated for over a decade by various programmers, it uses an ancient programming language called Visual Basic 6 and DirectX8.

    Inspire Game Engine Engine is a modern C# Game Engine that has UDP packets and truly modern networking. It has a more modern rendering engine that uses MonoGame. Even though the networking didn't truly meet the standard of the industry, it was far better than what the previous engine offered and we're still going to improve it to reach that point. For example, the movement was pixel-based and had great retention to keep the data async where the player couldn't tell if another player was lagging, but it didn't offer where the packets could be compared by the lag of each player, to capture a previous state they had to have more accurate networking for slower connections. This is one of the improvements we're going to make to the networking.

    Arcane Engine is aimed to be a 2-D Game Engine to replace Game Maker, RPG Maker and many other modern 2-D Game Engines to make a truly expandable and indie friendly toolkit. The server is going to be completely optional for the Game Engine, allowing developers to pick and choose what parts they want to use.

    Cross Platform
    We're using Mono for truly cross-platform capabilities. Mono can run on every major platform, including consoles and phones. This means it has a wider range of support than most game engines today.

    You can help by adding in contributions to the source-code found here.
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    Wow very cool! I wish I knew how to program so I can check out the source code.. ><

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