XtremeWorlds Legends of Arteix Classic 2.2.4

A 2D Classical ORPG inspired off of Runescape and Odyssey Classic

  1. Seth

    Legends of Arteix is a game where you can play with your friends in a retro world with a skill system inspired massively from Runescape. The game engine is very similar to Odyssey Classic as well, although it is much more refined.

    The game is far from perfect (XtremeWorlds limitations and outdated systems), but it has a lot to offer.

    Once long ago, the Kingdom of Arteix was a peaceful land, humans and creatures lived in peace without conflict, but one night, one of King Harold II's court mages Aldith was working on his.. dark magic. Dark magic had been outlawed from the Kingdom from days when the dark mage council opened the Portal of Obedientiary, in an attempt to get magical creatures for cheap labor, Aldith was attempting to use a dark spell known as Schism, to split the land among the humans and creatures..but instead, caused all the once peaceful magical creatures to become in raged! They began raiding towns within the Kingdom of Arteix! The king sent out a decree asking all able bodied citizens within the kingdom to join the fight among the humans and creatures.

    When you start off on your journey you will have to select your class. There are five types of classes; warriors, rogues, archers, mages, and druids. Each class can advance further into their job, and they all have their own special abilities. You start off stranded on an isle, where you have to return to Runyei. Runyei being the capital of Arteix.

    • This is a melee class that can take the most damage from attacks, and they hit the hardest overall for melee.
    • This is a melee class that does damage very fast, but similar to the Warrior class. They also have abilities to get to or away from targets very easily.
    • This is a hybrid class between Mage and Warrior. They have long range attacks and spells, but these long range spells can't be spammed.
    • This is a range class that deals the most overall damage in range, but can be hard to level and PvP with if inexperienced. They also are very squishy compared to all other classes.
    • This is a hybrid class that can either be a melee or archer type form. There are many different kind of forms you can use, and can do the most out of any other class, but they do lack overall since they are given so much.
    • This is a skilling class that does not participate in combat. They are just for players who want to have the best possible experience when it comes to actually just doing skills. They are most famous for making the most Gold in the game.

    • Classic gameplay like it should be done with a retro feel.
    • No over complicated systems like you see in today's games.
    • Portal system to travel easily around the game.
    • Updated regularly.
    • Skills (woodcutting, firemaking, mining, smithing, fishing, and cooking).
    • Many areas and items to discover.
    • Guides to help make the game easier for new players.
    • Books to tell about the game's story, rules, and a basic overview about the game.
    • Signs to tell players information about the area that they are heading to.
    • Quests.
    • Events.
    • Groups.
    • Guilds.
    • Create your own custom house for you or your Guild - with a custom portal and kick out feature.
    • Several game user-interfaces (press F1 in the main menu before logging in to change it).
    • Customize your character with the sprite change system.
    • Community wiki
    • Much more!


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Recent Updates

  1. New Server
  2. Fixed Installer Runtimes
  3. Updated Installer

Recent Reviews

  1. Marcus
    Version: 2.2
    Good game, Hard to adapt to ^_^, love to make a game as good as this!
  2. celleosis
    Version: 2.2
    great game!
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