A quick announcement for all old fans of Silverdale Online, we're releasing the source-code to allow you to play the game on your own server or just by yourself.
Silverdale The Future
Silverdale is being made into a RPG instead of a MORPG. It will be targeting anime gamers, with features such as skills and action combat. The project has already been started and we're looking to finish Arcane Engine in the future as well.
Silverdale Patch Notes 1.9.3
This is a small fix to the server.
Silverdale Server Hotfixes
Server hotfixes have been applied to improve the login.​
Legends of Arteix Server Reset
The game is being wiped one last time. Have fun everyone!​
Eclipse Worlds A New Future
I am really sorry for the lack of updates guys. The game engine that I made several years ago has a lot of bad choices in it, that I just cannot get the motivation to fix.
Silverdale Patch Notes 1.9.1
New area and other misc. changes.
  • New area in Lupin called Lupin City - Overwatch.
  • Party experience bonus has been removed.
  • Rates for the game have been changed for experience and gold earned.
  • Quests have been completely reworked.
Silverdale 1.8.0 Hotfixes 4
This is a bug fix release.
  • It is no longer possible to use scrolls in the Alchemy tradeskill if your Alchemy max level is 0 (meaning not learned).
  • Alchemy now saves properly.
  • The installer has been updated fixing an issue with runtimes installer.
There's no need to reinstall if it is working already, no client changes were made. You can download the update here.
Silverdale 1.8.0 Hotfixes 3
This is a bug fix release.
  • It is no longer possible to use the /who command.
  • Join and left messages have been removed.
  • Fixed an issue where you could get stuck logged in.
  • Installer has been updated again to address a problem with some users via MSINET.OCX.
  • Client now displays proper error when failing to load GUI.
You can download the update here.
Legends of Arteix Update 2.2.3
This is a small change to make the game more accessible.
  • 5x Experience Event for the next 10,000 minutes.
  • It now has an installer and the client options have been updated to be more refined.
  • Veterans that hit the level cap will receive perks for upcoming games such as Silverdale Online (not Classic). Just let me know when you hit it. This game won't be here for a long time, but it is just a notice for members. These perks have not yet been decided.
  • Removed Joined and Left messages.
  • Updated the site URL to Hitspark.
You can download the update here.
This is a bug fix release.
  • Fixes to trading not taking the right items.
  • Iron Ore places fixed in Talon Plains. Iron rocks that gave Ingots now give Ore. More rocks have been added inside the cave (Bugs Nest) as well.
  • Fixed server crashing issues.
  • The installer has had changes to make it work better.
Silverdale Update 1.8.0
This is a big bug fix release.
  • Movement is faster slightly.
  • Fixed audio bug where logging out would make a sound that wouldn't stop playing.
  • Fixed issues with rendering lag for some users.
  • Fixed issue with login/password size not matching the maximum username/password. It is now 50.
  • Realigned the remember password button slightly.
  • WASD support added. Space now picks up items.
  • Chat now locks, making you unable to move if it is unlocked. You can unlock/lock it by pressing enter.
  • Fixed bugs with NPCs in Lakeside Camp.
  • Fixed missing music from Korima Forest and Grimrock areas.
  • Fixed server-side crashes.
You can download the update here.
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